Our Services

Cultural Practices

Deep Tine Aeration – Loosens compacted soil caused by heavy use of the sports field and by hard water.

Top Dressing – Helps level sports fields by filling in holes and voids in the field surface. Also helps change the profile of the soil to help with the grass root zone.

Verticutting – Loosens and removes thatch from grass playing surfaces. This helps promote healthy grass growth and assist with overseeding.

Fraze Mowing – Helps damaged grass recover by removing the grass leaves and weeds and allows the beneficial grass to recover without resodding.

Turf Programs

At CT Fieldscapes, we offer a wide variety of Turf Programs for our customers. We understand each customer has a different budget to work with and we can taylor make your program to fit your needs.

Programs include a variety of fertilizers and pre emerge treatments. CT Fieldscapes also offers overseeding services for fields that require rye for the winter season. All of the products we offer can be applied by our licensed applicators, allowing our customers employers to focus their labor and efforts on other tasks.

Sports Fields Renovations

Sod Repairs and Replacement – Weather is a blown out goal mouth or an entire field that needs new sod, CT Fieldscapes has the right personal and equipment to take care of the releveling and resodding of any sports field.

Baseball and Softball Infield Renovations – If our having trouble with standing water, misplaced bases, or other unsafe conditions on your infield, CT Fieldscapes can correct those issues with the proper conditioner and engineered soils. We also laser grade all of our renovated infields to leave the customer with a safe, smooth playing surface that is game day ready.

Pitching Mounds and Home Plate Installs

If your pitchers mound or batters boxes need repair, CT Fieldscapes can install bricks or mound clay and ensure your field is within regulation standards.

Lip Removal

Baseball and Softball fields often develop “Lips” around the infield from erosion or improper dragging.

CT Fieldscapes offers a variety of options to remove unsafe lips. If left unchecked, lips can cause standing water on the infield as well as cause injuries to players.

Artificial Turf Cleaning

At CT Fieldscapes we are taking Artificial Turf Cleaning to the next level. We offer a 5 step cleaning process to ensure your artificial turf surface is a safe and playable as possible. The 5 step are

Aerating the Turf – Decompacts and lifts the crumb rubber and debris prior to cleaning.

Cleaning the Turf – This process includes vacuuming and screening the crumb rubber to remove any debris and reapply the rubber to the turf with all trash and debris removed and filtered out.

Dragging the Turf – This reincorporates the crumb rubber into the turf fiber and levels the infill out.

Disinfecting the Turf – We apply a disinfectant to the turf to kill any harmful bacteria that might exists.

GMAX Testing – CT Fieldscapes provides a GMAX Test Result Document to each customer for each field that is treated by us. A GMAX test provides information on the input resistance of the artificial turf surface. CT Fieldscapes uses an actual GMAX testing device instead of a clogg hammer. The clogg hammer results do not meet ATSM Standards.

Landscapes & Irrigation

Irrigation – CT Fieldscapes can assist you with any type of irrigation project you need installed, from designs to simple repairs.  Our qualified staff and fully stocked service truck can get the water flowing and keep it flowing to help ensure the success of your sports field.

Landscaping – CT Fieldscapes can design and install residential and commercial landscapes. From trees and grass to elaborate planters and lighting, we can make the most of your outdoor space.

New Field Installation – At CT Fieldscapes we have the right machinery and personal to install all types of sports fields, from the irrigation design to laser grading and laying the sod, we can provide you with a safe and level field that you can depend on for years to come.

At CT Fieldscapes, we have been fulfilling the needs of Sports Field owners since 2013.  Since our humble beginning we have built a lasting relationship with both our customers and our suppliers. These partnerships have allowed us to diversify and provide an option for anyone seeking sports field services.  We pride ourselves with outstanding customer service and competitive prices. CT Fieldscapes is here to provide options for our project and your budget.  When you choose CT Fieldscapes for your project we will provide you with the honesty, respect, and attention to detail your project requires.